Exhibition “Revolution through the Eyes of the Artist”

30 November, Monday

The project is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the First Russian Revolution (1905-1907)

110 years ago, Russia for the first time in its history faced such a socio-political phenomenon as the revolution. Later, it was called the First Russian Revolution. During two and half years, strikes, labor troubles, uprisings in the army and navy, and peasant unrests shook the country.

For the first time in recent decades, the museum shows such a large art collection dedicated to the revolutionary events of the 1905-1907 First Russian Revolution. The exhibition offers a view, through the eyes of the artists, of such major themes of the revolution as the Bloody Sunday (9 January 1905), the emergence of the first Soviets, the uprising on the Potemkin battleship, strike movement, the Imperial Manifesto of 17 October 1905, the Moscow Armed Uprising, the foundation of the State Duma, etc.

Creative intellectuals most acutely perceived the events of the First Russian revolution, and brightly and clearly communicated their impressions to the contemporaries. In pencil, watercolor paintings, sketches, lithographs, more rarely – in engravings, the artists, omitting a sketch stage, tried to catch the moment and respond, as soon as possible, to the rapidly evolving events. Fragments of documents, memoirs and literary works of eyewitnesses and participants of the First Russian Revolution demonstrated at the exhibition will allow visitors to deeper penetrate into the atmosphere of the revolutionary upheavals of the early 20th century.

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