«Torobaka» ballet

15 November, Sunday, 19:00

open the Programme of DIAGHILEV. P.S. 2015

The dance Torobaka, premiėred last year in London, opens the programme of DIAGHILEV. P.S. 2015. This performance is a grasping and powerful male duet embodied by the authors of the play: one of the leading choreographers of flamenco, the Spanish – Israel Galván, and a well-known British choreographer, an unequalled master of Indian classical Kathak style – Akram Khan.

Both masters are known for their innovative choreography and exquisite dancing technique. Multi-award-winning both Israel Galván and Akram Khan are some of the most established and respectable artists in the world of ballet.

Their collaboration feels as much like a duel as a duet. Flamenco and Kathak are extraordinary bright dance traditions which stem from the depths of the centuries. Each movement is imbued with associations, full of meaning and imagery. First of all, this is a dialogue and an exchange of ideas. The name of the performance is the connection of two words, emblematic of animals sacred to the two nations: bull (toro) and cow (baka). Torobaka presents the art of dance as a universal language spoken by different ethnic cultures.


Running time — 1 hour 15 minutes without any interval
Tickets cost — 400-3000 roubles



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