Children’s quest "Secrets of the Summer garden"

05 September, Saturday, 12:00

A unique educational quest - game "Secrets of the Summer Garden" will be held on the first Saturday of September in the Summer garden of the Russian Museum. Game is designed for family visitors and children over 9 years.

Participants of the quest will part to a fascinating travel along specially developed route, passing a set of various tests. Each participant get not only valuable prizes and gifts, but also an opportunity to learn secrets of the most ancient garden of St. Petersburg, and also to solve the secret hidden in the heart of the Summer garden.

Every person wishing to take part in the game should buy in route sheets at the entrance of the Summer garden from the side of Pestel St. The cost of a package of the participant is 100 rubles, for other visitors of the Summer garden the entrance remains free.

The number of route sheets is limited.

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