31 October, Saturday

An interactive exhibition of light installations, holograms and Optoclones®

Achievements of holography are widely used in the field of visual arts. The exhibition visitors can see modern installations. For instance, one of halls is illuminated with light diodes. To switch it on one should spin the pedals of a fitness cycle. 

One can also see the holographic copies of Rene Magritte "Pipe" and impressionistic pictures. The copies are extremely realistic, so colors, texture and details don`t differ from real. All these objects were made possible by a special hologram camera designed by the researchers of Hellenic Institute of Holography.

The holograms are also used in architecture, medicine and education. For example, the visitors of ‘’Magic of Light’’ can see a 3-D architectural project of a building. Moving around it one can see the peculiarities of the structure layer by layer.

Besides holograms and interactive objects, ‘’Magic of Light’’ includes a laser theatre ‘’LUX AETERNA’’, where optical devices take the place of the stage set and actors.


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