Circle is the Wheel of Time exhibition

19 July, Sunday

Part of the Day of Home annual festival

Cyclicity is the characteristic feature of the Universe and the movement of time. Since most ancient times circle has been a major geometrical symbol. Round paintings – tondos – became especially popular in Renaissance epoch.

The exhibition “Circle is the Wheel of Time” presents thoughts of contemporary Russian and foreign artists about compositional structure and how it’s influenced by the shape of canvas.

Participants: Nikolay Sazhin, Evgeny Orlov, Marina Koldobskaya, Boris Grebenshikov, Barbara Hazard, Viacheslav Butusov, Sergey Kowalski, Boris Koshelokhov, Felix Volosenkov, Artur Molev, Oleg Zaika, Gennady Manzhaev, Natalia Tcehomskaya, Timur Yusupov, Nikolay Sychev, Alexey Yarygin and others.

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