La traviata

28 July, Tuesday, 19:00

A new vision of a legendary opera

It is one of the best written and most accessible operas with a clear and touching storyline. All we want to do is make it real, to believe in and understand the kind of life Violetta and her friends are living, a life which could just as well be set today, a life of celebrity and beauty, of sex in return for serious money, and fun fun fun. And we want that life to be just a bit tempting to the audience... 

In addition to Dumas’ novel which formed the basis for the libretto of La traviata Claudia Solti, the director was interested in the real, unromanticised, story of the Lady of the Camellias. That’s why she turned to her biography by Julie Kavanagh founded on actual documents from the life of Marie Duplessis – her letters and accounts. And she discovered that it was the typical story of a star that flared very brightly and quickly burned itself out. 

Tickets cost - 2200-3200 rub

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