To Be Together exhibition

19 July, Sunday

The project explores the relationships and everyday life of the residents of the village in the 1970–80s

The exhibition project has been based on the archive of negatives created by Yuri Galyov (1929–2006), a village teacher and amateur photographer. The archive, which comprises five hundred photographs, was passed to the members of the field anthropological studies in the village of Vozhgora in 2012. Throughout several decades Yuri Galyov documented important events in the life of his fellow villagers: weddings and funerals, welcome parties and farewell parties for young men joining the army, school holidays and village feasts. 
The exhibition features over one hundred photographs (digital print from original negatives) arranged into several groups: Embraces, Grandmas and Grandchildren, Girlfriends, Friends and Buddies, The Dramaturgy of Meals and Feasts, The Rituals of the Transit, The Inner Circle and The Onlookers, Bystanders and Sympathetic People. Each section includes an accompanying text and photographs, which cover the corresponding topic best of all. In the photograph captions original grammar, spelling and abbreviations have been preserved.


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