School of Magic, New Year Eve

31 December, Wednesday, 21:00

Grand Hotel Emerald invites you to attend the School of Magic in New Year's Eve

The New Year is a wonderful holiday, filled with expectations of a miracle and hope for the best, it is a night of magic and mysteries, when all people make a wishes.

Grand Hotel Emerald invites you to feel the mysterious atmosphere of St. Petersburg to attend the School of Magic. This New Year magic performance will turn spectators into participants of the show.

Artists of St. Petersburg theaters, singers, winners of Russian and international musical competitions are taking part in the program.

The program offers:

  • stories about wizards
  • theatre and cinema effects
  • prophecies and divinations
  • live music disco
  • Grand Hotel Emerald lottery
  • presents for young wizards and witches

Welcome-cocktail at 21:00 in the Lobby-bar “Suvorovsky”, Gala dinner at 22:00.

Join School of Magic in Grand Hotel Emerald and become a Magician!

Gala-Dinner Menu

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