A Sunstroke

29 May, Friday, 19:00

The second Irina Keruchenko’s production

The Sun Stroke is the second Irina Keruchenko’s production on the Alexandrinsky Stage. In 2012, with the background of several productions in Moscow theaters, the Director produced A Dream of a Funny Man after Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s fantasy story. The performance was nominated for the Golden Soffit Award, the top St. Petersburg professional theater award, and the young actor of the Alexandrinsky Theater Ivan Yefremov became laureate of the Golden Soffit Award in the “Best Debut” nomination. In her new job Irina Keruchenko, following Bunin who had believed that love was the sense of earthly life and a short instance of the utmost bioenergy manifestation burning down a human being, continues her studies of the philosophy of this feeling. 

An occasional meeting of the Lieutenant (Stepan Balakshin) with the Beautiful Inconnu (Yulia Marchenko), which had started as a fugitive infatuation, grew out for the heroes into a collision with the primeval nature of love, the eternal law of its force. This elemental force could be neither suppressed, nor beared, but the hero also happened to be unable to live without it. A light summer adventure leads to changes in his conciseness and feeling of his own life and “every sand grain, drop of water, gleam of seagull’s wing on the solar disk.”

The performance fore for 90 minutes.

Tickets costs: 700rub.

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