A Dream of a Funny Man

10 March, Thursday, 19:30

The Funny Man is destroying

This is not the first time for Irina Keruchenko to address F. Dostoyevsky’s prose. Her performance “Angelical” directed at the White Room of the Moscow TYuz made her name known to the entire theatrical Moscow, and actor Igor Gordin who played the role of Moneylender was awarded with the “Golden Mask” for the best male role. In her new performance, the director continues her contemplation about the paradoxes of a human being, about the excruciating duplicity of the human nature so acutely lived through by F. Dostoyevsky’s characters. The Funny Man is destroying the wonderful universe he had been dreaming of and which his best intentions and “outbursts of his soul” were concentrated on. By the director’s idea, the theme of catastrophic self destruction is one of the most acute and actual today: the story of downfall of the Funny Man, so thoroughly described by F. Dostoyevsky in his fantastic story, is not a private case at all, but an impartial and exact diagnosis characterizing the modern civilization as such. Ivan Yefremov is playing the major role of the Funny Man pronouncing his provocative/ confessing monologue; this actor is at the very beginning his professional career and is not broadly known to public. Assignment of a very young actor to the role of the Funny Man was not sporadic: these days, a new generation with not only inherent vehemence of youth and readiness for most unexpected experiments, but also unbelievable feeling of creating freedom without which a true artistic expression is absolutely unthinkable of is coming to the theater.

The performance is going for two hours.

Tickets costs: 700rub.

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