Ghosts of the theater

13 March, Sunday, 13:30

Its one of the most beautiful world stage

The Alexandrinsky Theater presents a premiere: Ghosts of the Theaterperformance was produced for children of 7 to 12 years old and their parents. The performance was based on young authors Alexander Artyomov and Dmitry Yushkov’s idea that it is necessary to engage novice spectators in a serious conversation about the theater arts; this idea was implemented in a lively playing form. The old multi-circle theater with its one of the most beautiful world stage constructed by Architect Carlo Rossi in 1832, presently under UNESCO protection, became one of the key personages. At each performance, the historical theater works for 30 spectators only; in this unusual situation, the famous interiors reveal in new, fantastic perspectives. In 60 minutes, children and their parents, literally step by step, go along the way of the many centuries of relations between public and stage, touch the mythological history of the Alexandrinsky Theater. On this way, they meet a Comedian and a Tragedian, and get on a tour through the circles of the former Imperial stage; in the course of the latter, they meet the ghosts which have inhabited the Alexandrinsky Theater for nearly three centuries and learn about the importance of the audience’s role in the theater. The text of the Ghosts of the Theater is written in an inventive style of rhythmic and melodically intonated prose the public has already got familiar with in the Nevsky Avenue; it has already become a signature style of the performance’s creators. 

The performance goes for 60 minutes.

Tickets costs: 300 rub.

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