ZERO Liturgy

20 May, Wednesday

The most effective and sharp novels

The performance is based on one of the most known F. Dostoyevsky’s novels: “The Gambler.” F. Dostoyevsky is one of the authors who Valery Fokin’s creative is inextricably tightened with. In 1968, his diploma performance at the Shchukin School was “Someone Else’s Wife and a Husband under the Bed;” later on, he had not once turned to the “Notes from Underground” and “Bobok;” and his performance “The Double” produced in 2005 is still played on the Alexandrinsky stage. Appearance of F. Dostoyevsky’s name on the Alexandrinsky Theater’s billboards is absolutely logical. The writer’s youth was intertwined with the theater. He had visited the theater frequently; followed creative jobs of the great actors. First nights of performances created after his writings had taken place here: such performances as “Idiot” and “The Gambler” had a stable and well-deserved success. For Valery Fokin, turning to “The Gambler,” one of the most effective and sharp novels by F. Dostoyevsky is not by coincidence. The logic of creativity, the logic of his artistic fate leads this director to implementation of one of the most actual today F. Dostoyevsky’s novels on the Alexandrinsky stage. The theme of gambling, the roulette enslaving a man and making him to betray all the best in himself is the key theme of the entire performance. The ZERO liturgy, a devoted service to the zero, blank, fiction, inevitably leads to decay of a human personality: Dostoyevsky was writing about this in “The Gambler,” one of his most autobiographical compositions; this is exactly what Valery Fokin is contemplating about in his new production.

The performance goes for 1 hour 40 minutes.

Tickets costs: from 200 to 1500 rubles

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