10 January, Sunday, 11:00

First solo exhibition of the Soviet artist Maya Kopytseva, known for her picturesque still lifes.

Maya Kopytseva (1924—2005) — Soviet and Russian painter, graduate of the Repin Institute, master of still life and genre painting. The artist worked with recognizable subjects: a child plays in the garden, apples are scattered on the table, cherry blossoms. However, despite the seeming simplicity, her works are complexly arranged: unusual composition, fragmentation, vivid colors. Another obvious feature is mixing the genres. For example, Kopytseva’s still life is often placed in the natural environment; and in her interiors the landscapes are shown through the big windows. In the artist’s works one can recognize the influence of such cultural phenomena as impressionism or the cinema of the Thaw period. Some of Kopytseva's most famous paintings are «The Guests Are Gone» (1962), «It’s Raining» (1967), «Morning» (1982). Many of her works exhibited in the Russian Museum, private collections and galleries in Russia, France, Italy and other countries.

2020, October, 2 — 2021, January, 10
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