An Invisible Musical Instrument: the Voice

11 April, Saturday, 12:00

An interactive lesson from the series Piccolo at the Mariinsky

Over the course of the 2014-2015 season the Mariinsky Theatre will continue to develop its programmes targeted at younger audiences, and together with the Piccolo St Petersburg Children’s Music Lecture Hall will present a series of educational concerts at the chamber venue of the Amphitheatre Hall of the Mariinsky-II.

The Musical Instruments in the Fairytale Land of Piccolo chamber educational concerts are targeted towards children aged from three to six years of age, and the aim of the series is to lay the foundations for the road to philharmonic concert halls and help the audience develop multifaceted, creative and harmonious personalities.

The series includes lessons on various themes. Each will last 45 minutes. The concerts will take place in a chamber setting with an audience of thirty children and their parents. The children will be seated towards the front and their parents in the amphitheatre. The youngest children will be able to sit at the sides on their parents’ knees.

Prior to the session the young audience members will be given the concert programme with a task to do at home and stickers depicting various musical instruments. The sessions will be held in an interactive fairytale style blending music, the speaker and the children’s own clever improvisations. In this easy and playful format, children will become familiar with the construction of musical instruments and their secrets according to the topic of the given concert. The young audience will have several opportunities to come onstage together with professional musicians, dance and perform on simple musical instruments (such as the maracas, tambourines, castanets, bells, rattles and wooden spoons).

The concerts will feature appearances by musicians of the Mariinsky Orchestra. The music lessons will be led by Olga Piccolo, a music historian and member of the International Association of Music Psychologists and Psychotherapists.

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