Opera «The Queen of Spades»

05 February, Sunday, 19:00

Opera in three acts music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

One of the most popular operas by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, The Queen of Spades, was composed in a very short period of time and became a unique masterpiece reflecting its author’s preoccupation. Tchaikovsky accepted the commission to write an opera based on the short story by Alexander Pushkin in 1889. 

Herman, a poor officer, is desperately in love with Lisa, a heiress to the rich old Countess. One day he learns that the Countess knows the secret of the three winning cards. Herman becomes obsessed with obtaining the secret. He tries to find out the secret, however, the old lady dies of fright. The loss of hope drives Herman mad. Soon the ghost of the Countess appears and names the secret three cards: Three, Seven, Ace. The madman rushes to the casino. Passion overcomes reason: “What’s our life? A game!” The only gain of the miserable lover is death. 

The production of The Queen of Spades at the Mikhailovsky Theatre is one of the best ones in St Petersburg.

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