Exhibition “… More than sport!”

31 December, Thursday

The exposition shows the important role of sports in the socio-political and cultural life of the country in the 20th century.

Shaping fashion and lifestyles, sport sometimes became something more than just sports competitions, victories and defeats. The exhibition reflects the changes in the sport and fitness policy of the state, and the attitude of the public to those activities. In the USSR, sport progressed from the civilian entertainment of the early 20th century to a significant political tool and an efficient way to establish state authority on the international stage. The exhibits remind us of bright moments and dramatic episodes in the history of domestic sports, outstanding sports people, and the most popular sports disciplines. They pay homage to the participation of our country and domestic sports people in Olympic movement.

Exhibition organisers and partners: State Museum of Political History of Russia State Museum of the History of St Petersburg Russian State Film and Photo Archive, Krasnogorsk Central State Archive of Documentary Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings of St Petersburg Russian State Historical Archive, St Petersburg Central Museum of Physical Culture and Sports, Moscow The State Museum of Political History of Russia is grateful to all organisations and persons having contributed to the exhibition Our special gratitude for the exhibition materials goes to the champion of the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games G. I. Zybina; to the sports commentator and TV reporter K. V. Nabutov; the pairs skating champion of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games E. V. Berezhnaya; the sport historian Y. P. Lukosyak; a member of the National Alliance of Russian Solidarists V. E. Dolinin.

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