Shooting solutions of Oleg Musin

06 December, Saturday

The exhibition presents the most successful work of the author, created during the years of creative wanderings

OLEG MUSIN  as  a  real seeker  has tried  different  jobs  during his  life  including the  art.  His  photo  shots  are  made  in  various  genres. It  is  difficult to  evaluate  how  he  had  managed  them. Oleg’s  choice made  with  rectangle  viewfinder  undoubtedly  will  catch the   eye  of  deep thinker  a  spectator  who  considers  photo more  than  photo  fact  of  photo  statement. His  works  can  be  named  the  keys to  one  or  another  reality.  Reality  which   the  author  is  interested  in  and  acts  as  a  stalker who  invites  spectators  to  the  photo  adventure.  

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