Musical West Side Story

22 March, Sunday, 19:00

The Baltic House’s own most recent premiere

Director: N.Indeikina
Author: A. Lorents, L.Bernstein
Starring: V.Stepanov, V.Shteba, N.Indeikina

Natalya Indeikina’s take on Leonard Bernstein’s iconic musical West Side Story, a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Broadway-type musicals often seem to be a stretch for the Russian companies to perform. Russians seem to be at much more ease with the style of operetta, another genre where drama meets singing and dance.

In Natalya Indeikina’s show, the dancing element was perhaps the strongest point: the performers’ moves were bold, coherent, concise and well-rehearsed. Musically, the production offered a struggling take on Bernstein’s score, and vocally the actors were noticeably strained.

Event duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes including intermission
Ticket price: 250-1500 rub.

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