“Analogue of God” exhibition

02 March, Monday

The exhibition by one of the leading artists of both capitals, Dmitry Shorin

“Analogue of God” reveals the topic of totemism and fetishism. Modern urban dwellers drown and lose themselves in constant information flows. To get back on their own way they need a lighthouse, Something or Someone, who will keep them afloat. In ancient times, this role was given to stone statues of pagan deities. Today it can be anything from professional occupation to a beloved person, who we admire as a saint.

“People feel lonely and abandoned without adoration of the great and the unknown, — says Dmitry Shorin. — From ancient gods to shamanic spirits. From handmade cult things to sainted personalities. From phantasmagoria to fetish and even calendar events. When we are children we are ready to sell our soul for a ride in the neighbor's pedal car. Growing up, we die for a record of ‘Rolling Stones’ or a new bike. And as adults we try to saint the art or the beloved ones. Sometimes a glance to the sky and realizing of universal riot inspires us to faith”.

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