'Hats in the 21st century' exhibition

15 March, Sunday

A solo exhibition by the world's only hat expert haute couture, Philip Treacy

A flower, a swan, a bird cage, a head of a horse, a carousel, a plate, a lobster, a butterfly, a ship, a spiral, a horn, a telephone, wood, a wrist and even... an ashtray with a cigarette! The designer constantly experiments with palettes and shapes, using for his works feathers, artificial and natural flowers, various plants, plastic, metal, fur, textile, electrical devices and so on.

The master’s imagination is absolutely limitless, and this will be proved at the exhibition, arranged specifically for the Russian connoisseurs of haute couture. More than one hundred unique items, including 75 hats belonging to monarchs and celebrities, as well as accessories, sketches, fashion magazine covers, and other art objects. All that the world is admiring today! 

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