Saint Petersburg restaurant festival-2016

30 November, Wednesday

We are inviting citizens and guests of Saint Petersburg to plunge into the atmosphere of Petersburg’s cuisine!

From 01 to 30 November in Saint Petersburg the «Saint Petersburg restaurant festival-2016» will be held.

Since its foundation St. Petersburg has become not only the capital city but also a kind of trendsetter in architecture, culture, history, and the art of cooking. Due to the fact that in the period of construction St. Petersburg the most famous and most talented European artists of the time were invited. With them our city began the tradition of cooking dishes from different European countries. Chefs from France, Italy and Germany creatively reworked old recipes of Russian cuisine, so many Russian dishes and recipes have found an European tradition. Later the influence of Petersburg’s cuisine began spreading across the territory of Russia, contributing to the diversity of traditional recipes from various regions of the country.

Nowadays we can confidently talk about the special Petersburg style of Russian cuisine imbued with the spirit of history, traditions, culinary experiments and innovations.

The program of the «Saint Petersburg restaurant festival-2016» includes themed dinners in restaurants, parties, workshops and master classes, shows in cooking the meals of Petersburg cuisine’s, activities for children and a special children's menu, as well as exhibitions, competitions and much more.

Check a list of participating restaurants to find your favorite set-menu:

— 990 RUB set-menu

— 2000 RUB set-menu

For more information about reservation, please use websites of official restaurants.

Additional program of the festival includes the following events:

—  Themed dinner «Cuisine of Petersburg rock» at the Beef Bar Vosem

—  Exhibition «Against the stream» at the Bread Museum

—  Themed events at the Coffee Museum

—  Special events at the Spices Museum

— Gastronomic project «Music and culinary art» at the Court Chapel

—  Special program «Full dinners at Dukes Yusupoffs»

—  Gastronomic performance «Secrets of the 18th century cuisine» at Petrovskaya Akvatoria

—  Gastronomic exhibition «FoodAsArt» at the Baklazhan restaurant

— Exhibition «Food is a state matter» at the Museum of Political History of Russia



We’re looking forward to seeing you at Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival 2016!




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