06 September, Sunday, 18:00

This production is infinitely far from being a canonic version

Author: William Shakespeare
Director: Yuri Butusov

Here one finds neither iconic Shakespeare, nor period costumes or the medieval décor. One won’t hear the lute but will be flooded by the sounds of Scarlatti, Arvo Pärt, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Bjork, Kino, Zap Mama, Michael Jackson… The actors dance on stage and among the audience. The scenes are like flaming auroras, fragments of dreams and visions (much owing to the use of film projection). The production consists of many extravaganzas – the spellbinding dance of the young witches, the spooky feast with murderous characters, Lady Makbeth riding in circles astride a hobbyhorse… Nearly a six-hour action with four intermissions turns out to be a not at all sentimental journey but a kind of self-immersion. Theatre is no less subjective than music or any of the visual arts. If it dictates rules, sets limits, curbs fantasy, edifies or lectures, it’s strictly speaking not a theatre but something more like career enhancement training courses.

Event duration: 5 hours and 30 minutes including 3 intermissions
Ticket price: 300-1800 rub.


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