01 March, Sunday

What and where is the future?

In an era of global changes, and high technology bombarding our minds to the limit, it is the purpose of the artist to take us to the present of “the future”.

“Futurum” where the simplicity of forms, themes and primary thoughts will embarks us in a dreamy journey where we are told a story., the story of the subconscious in the past and into the future, an invitation to its rebirth. The story that each and one of us creates

“Futurum” in the present where modern society is overwhelmed, we are all looking for a gate, an outline of what the future will bring.

And another “Futurum” one in which prophecies, intuition, feelings and dreams mystic and mystery inevitably intersect.

Somewhere between the mystic, the essential the vibrant and the energetic you will find your own answers in the works of Alexander Nikolenco. Your own "FUTURUM”

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