19 November, Wednesday, 19:00

Alexandrinsky Theatre presents a unique ballet performance within "Diagilev P.S." festival framework.

Where is the soul amid the body? Must it be that the closer we get to the body’s mysteries, the further we stray from heaven? This is the central question that Wayne McGregor ponders in “FAR”, the thrilling, perplexing hour-long dance that Wayne McGregor London-based company, Random Dance, performes at the Aleksandrinsky Theatre on November 19.

McGregor tackles a lot here, not always successfully. But “FAR” makes you want to shout your praise for this inquiring, deep-thinking choreographer, for his impossibly fit, masterly dancers, for the fascinating 2003 book that inspired the dance — “Flesh in the Age of Reason,” by Roy Porter — and for “FAR’s” multinational supporters, British, American, French and others, who funded it. If collaboration can be the soul of art, in today’s world, this extraordinary work is a sterling example. But more than that, it is proof that grand, mind-boggling ambition still exists in an environment of cheap, quick and easy.

What unites McGregor and Porter, the late historian and author, is the idea that mind-body-spirit connections were just as intriguing in 1714 as they are in 2014. Today’s interest in neuroscience has its roots in the Age of Reason, when our modern understanding of humanity arose, centered on the capacities of the intellect and the body around it. Religion may have taken a diminished role, but it prompted even more questions...

There is a lot that haven't been mentioned here about the performance but one can be sure that he will not be left untoched by "FAR".

Event duration: 2,5 hours including intermission

Ticket price: 800-4500 rub.


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