Monoperformance «Vladimir Mayakovsky:" Give a hand! Here's my chest! "»

20 February, Saturday, 19:30

On February 20, at the chamber hall of the Academic Capella of St. Petersburg will be performed a monoperformance of Vladimir Academic Drama Theatre «Vladimir Mayakovsky:" Give a hand! Here's my chest! "»

The idea of this one-man show about thirty years. Just then a young and popular actor Vladimir Drama Theatre Nikolai Gorokhov began performing with a dramatized program on the basis of his favorite poems of the poet. Today, your attention is invited to an absolutely modern solo performance with a bright visual expressiveness. Perfomance recreates the contradictory, activities titanic and ultimately the vulnerable person of Vladimir Mayakovsky. And, of course, the stormy era of enthusiasm, revolutionary dreams and disappointments of deaths, in which he lived. The premiere took place on May 7, 2015.

Tickets: 250 rub
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