Secrets of Leonardo da Vinci exhibition

28 February, Sunday, 11:00

An exhibition dedicated to the most remarkable character of the Renaissance era opens in St.Petersburg

Great Leonardo da Vinci appears primarily as a brilliant inventor at the exhibition. About 60 exhibits recreate his outstanding engineering developments in the field of military science, mechanics, optics, aerodynamics, as well as present research on the anatomy.

Leonardo da Vinci is a vivid example of a polymath. He was an inventor and scientist, painter, sculptor, architect and writer. Leonardo gave the world a lot of his ideas, works of art and also left a variety of puzzles, over which scientists are still scratching their heads. Only a quarter of his inventions had been implemented, and the rest of it seemed too bold and even fantastic for Leonardo's contemporaries.

Inventions and discoveries, which were made by Da Vinci, run the gamut of all hemisphere of knowledges (more than 50!), and it`s fully anticipating the direction of development of modern civilization.

The collection of paintings "Smeshart" –are the characters from one of the most popular Russian animated projects – Smeshariki- in the masterpieces of world art.

The exhibition "Smeshart" presents 15 paintings that refer to the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, Salvador Dali, Pieter Brueghel, Gustav Klimt, Edvard Munch, and other world-famous artists. Made in different techniques - from simple graphics to a full painting - "Smeshart" paintings filled with humor, but imbued with an immense respect for the great paintings. Original story of paintings chosen by artists GC "Ricky", the heroes consistently become Niusha, Crosh, Ezhik, Pin and other characters of "Smeshariki."

The visitors ”Smeshart " will have an opportunity to see the full-size version of the picture collection, and the little guests of the exhibition, inspired by images of favorite cartoon characters in such an unusual performance, will probably want more time to go to a museum- to look on the originals.

Entrance fee – 350 rub.

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