The city of the Apostles

21 December, Monday, 12:00

The art exhibition dedicated to the revival of the church in a historic building of St. Petersburg Orthodox Theological Academy

The exhibition is dedicated to the revival of the Church of the Twelve Apostles in a historic building of St. Petersburg Theological Academy of the Russian Orthodox Church. The historic building was transferred to the church in November 2013, and at that time, the first time after 95-year break, in the premises of the temple, which had previously been used as a gym of sports college, prayer was renewed.
The images which were served as inspiration for the exhibition are not accidental - the apostles of Christ have a special role in the history and life of the city on Neva river. As conceived by the founder of the city of St. Petersburg dedicated to the Holy Apostles Peter. At the heart of the city is the Cathedral of Peter and Paul. In the basis of the cathedral were laid the relics of the Apostle Andrew. Several temples in St. Petersburg are consecrated in honor of the apostles of Christ. Temple of St. Petersburg Orthodox seminary is dedicated to St. John the Theologian, and the temple in a historic building of the Theological Academy is dedicated to all the 12 apostles - the closest disciples of Christ.
Each apostle had his own special way, mission, achievement. All these features the artist reflected in his paintings, depicting each on a separate canvas. But in addition to paintings depicting Christ's disciples individually, all the apostles gathered together on a single painting of the descent of the Holy Spirit - the birth of the Church.


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