Kolomna is not a particular monument or building, Kolomna is a historic district in St.Petersburg that is traditionally associated with classics of Russian literature. 

This district is located in the historic center of St.Petersburg between Moika and Fontanka rivers. Here you can find the Mariinsky theatre and the Nikolsky Cathedral, as well as New Holland Island. The characters of poems and stories by Pushkin, Gogol and Dostoevsky lived here. Kolomna was home for brilliant war commander A.Suvorov, architect C.Rossi and poet A.Griboyedov. 

Kolomna’s first inhabitants were probably mariners. After that the district became home to numerous merchants and traders, as well as poor aristocrats. In the middle of the XIX century, 50 000 people lived in Kolomna and the population continued to grow – in 1910 there were 85 000 inhabitants.

The the name of the district is originated from Russian name of survey pillars – columns. After that Kolomna became the district of newly comers from Germany. There is another version of the area’s name, which was probably derived from German version of the word “Colony”. 

Kolomna has always been different. Famous Russian writer Nikolay Gogol gave the following description to Kolomna: "Everything here does not resemble the rest of St.Petersburg; it is neither a capital nor a province"