Saint Petersburg is a city with developed infrastructure. There is a public transport network and a wide range of commercial transport and taxis in the city.

Getting to Saint Petersburg

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Transport map(city center and suburbs)

The map of city public transport and the map of transport routes to suburbs of Saint Petersburg.

By train

There are five passenger railway stations in the city operating with different russian and foreign directions.

By plane

Pulkovo airport is situated on the south border of Saint Petersburg. It is one the biggest and most dynamically developing airport in Russia.

By coach

It is easy to reach many different cities in Russia, Europe and nearest countries by choosing wide bus connection network.

By ship

Saint Petersburg's water area allows all year round navigation. There are several seaports and river berths in the city.

Public transport in Saint Petersburg

Inner-city passenger transportation is served by metro, buses, trolleybuses and trams. 


Highspeed underground transport system consisting of 5 lines and 72 stations. Ticket price is  doesn't depend on amount of line changing or length of trip.

The fare can be specified on the website .


There are commercial and municipal routes in the city. Ticket price in municipal transport is  doesn't depend on length of trip. You may purchase your ticket right from the driver or ticket collector.

Public transport is memorable and leaves an impression. This is part of the image of the city and its image. The colors of public transport, the mobile part of the urban environment, its landscape. In order to find and choose a color that fits into the architecture and creates a single harmonious image, the administration of St. Petersburg held a single vote among citizens on the choice of the color of transport. Citizens and concerned netizens chose among the colors of the sea wave, azure, white and yellow. Azure got the most votes. And it is such buses that now run around the city on the Neva.

The fare can be specified on the website .


The trolleybus network of St. Petersburg is extensive and consists of 45 routes.Ticket price doesn't depend on length of tripYou may purchase your ticket right from the ticket collector.

The fare can be specified on the website .

Information about trolleybus routes can be found here.


Total length of street railway in Saint-Petersburg is 500 km, there are 40 routes. Ticket price doesn't depend on length of tripYou may purchase your ticket right from the ticket collector.

The fare can be specified on the website .

Information about tram routes can be found here.


Official taxi services work in all main transport hubs and major hotels of the city. Another way to order a taxi is by phone or by website of taxi-operator. Major global taxi brands are also presented in the city. 

By boat

Navigation season for small ships lasts from the end of April until Noverber. There is wide range of water tours on rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg served by numerous cruise boats 

By bike

Saint Petersburg bike transport has made a significant development in the past couple of years. Bike points of rental are now located in every corner of the city what makes bike rides comfortable and simple

Useful information

Information stands

Information pylons have been placed at ground public transport stops in St. Petersburg since 2020. On them, passengers waiting for departure can find information about routes and operating hours, the name of the stopping point, the starting and ending points, the schedule or interval of movement, the route map. The administration of St. Petersburg, which installed the pylons, took care of a large number of tourists visiting the city. Therefore, all information is duplicated in the most common language in the world – English.


Podorozhnik is a unique project which gives the owner of this card the possibility to accumulate on it all non-preferential long term tickets including «United electronic ticket allowing to make several amount of rides limited to any fixed sum of money». 


Rent a car

Guests and inhabitants of Saint Petersburg can use one of car rental points to discover the city and its suburbs. You need a driver license and a passport to rent a car.


If you want to travel across Saint Petersburg on your own transport there is a camping-car park.