The 7th St. Petersburg Restaurant Festival 1-30 November 2019

Festival set menus for 990 rubles             


Festival set menus of participating restaurants for 1990 rubles


Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Ceviche of tuna

— Salad with Fang and broken cucumber

— Tuna steak with baked parsnip and Demiglace Vegetables

— mango creme brulee

Address: St. Petersburg, Chaikovskogo, 4
Phone number: +7 (921) 936-06-46
Official website:

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Bruschetta with tomatoes and robiola cheese, green olives

— Beef tartar with mustard ice-cream with a glass of wine (125 ml) Orange, Provincia di Pavia «DEDICA» Marthilde, Lombardy, Italy

— Pasta: black fetuccelle with shrimps and speck

— Tasting set of signature desserts with a glass of dessert wine (40 ml): CHATEAU JANY, Sauterne, France /

Address: St. Petersburg, Dobrolyubova pr., 16a
Phone number: +7 (812) 677-60-88
Official website

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Sea assorted ceviche grilled;
— Green lime salad;
— Coconut carrot cream with seafood;
— Baklava;
— To choose: a glass of wine NoSoDos Xarello Penedes Spain or La Staffa Verdicchio Marche Italy.

Address: St. Petersburg, Malaya Morskaya, 23 (entrance from Voznesensky Prospekt);
Phone number: +7 (812) 330-23-23;
Official website:

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

—  Beef tartare with mushroom broth, black currants and potato chips;
—  Meatballs with parmesan cream, oyster mushrooms and cucumber chips;
—  Smoked venison Pizza Bowl. Served with cowberry reduction and fresh basil (big size);
—  Beer 0.25 l «Kissin’» or «and Twistin’» by Mookhomor Production (2 glasses).

Address: St. Petersburg, Nekrasova Street 36;
Phone number: +7 (964) 363-43-36;
Official website:

The Sizzle
Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Machete steak / shiitake mushrooms sauce / crispy chicken slices
— Seabass / vegetables / Asian sauce
— Stracciatella / persimmon / apple sauce / cured duck / roasted sesame

Address: St. Petersburg, Rubinshteyna str., 23;
Phone number: +7 (921) 955-25-17;
Official website:

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Wasabi Shrimp
— Tandoori Chicken Salad
— Syrian ribs
— Eclair with pepper
— Drinks:
rose wine
fruit drink, water, tea, coffee

Address: St. Petersburg, Kolomyazhsky pr., 19 building 2,
Phone number: +7 (812) 309-88-29
Official website:

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Marbled beef tartar
— mussels in white wine with tomatoes,
— risotto with mushrooms
— honey cake

Address: St. Petersburg, Kazanskaya st., 46
Phone number: +7 812 917-40-00
Official website

Restaurant 'Central'
Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Salad "Suvorovsky 62" with roast beef;
— Chicken aspic with horseradish;
— Green cabbage soup with chicken and pie with peas;
— Dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms;
— Cutlet "Nevskaya" with mashed potatoes;
— Strip "Leningradskaya".

Address: St. Petersburg, Suvorovsky Ave., 62
Phone number: +7 (812) 577-15-48
Official website:

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

–  Salad with trout
–  Pork belly
–  Chocolate ganache
–  Glass of wine

Address: St. Petersburg, Pushkinskaya, 16
Phone number: +7 812 764 63 03.
Official website:

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Ceviche of salmon, shrimp and passion fruit with lime;
— Sushi tuna Sri Lanka;
— Singapore bisk;
— Grilled beef steak with chimichurri sauce;
— Drink Mai Tai.

Address: St. Petersburg, Kirochnaya st., 8a
Phone number: +7 (812) 700-00-05
Official website:

Gourmet Bar by Novotel
Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Oriental Duck Salad
— Beef Stir-Fry in Black Pepper Sauce
— Mochi Ice Cream
— Tea, coffee & mineral water are included

Address: St. Petersburg, Maykovskogo st 3A
Phone number: +7(812)335-91-60
Official website

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Tuna Marmitaco Soup
— Cod pil-pil with cider sauce
— San Sebastian Cheesecake with ice cream mousse and salted caramel
— A glass of cava or coffee to choose 

Address: St. Petersburg, Suvorovsky ave., 17
Phone number: +7 (921) 912-92-18
Official website:


Vino & Voda
Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Tuna ceviche with strawberries 160 g
— Duck breast with spelt and lingonberries 110/130 g
— Tiramisu 110 g
— Chateau Beaulieu AOC,
— Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence 150 ml

Address: St. Petersburg, Tchaikovskogo 17
Phone number: + 7 (812) 242-77-68
Official website:



AVENUE restaurant in AZIMUT Hotel Saint-Petersburg
Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Salad of chicken breast, pomegranate seeds, Parmesan, celery, radish and truffle oil
— Tournedo with salmon and smoked cheese on Tabuli with spicy plum
— Baked green apple with cranberries coulis and walnut crumble
— Freshly baked bread
— Tea/Cappuccino

Address: St. Petersburg, 43/1 Lermontovsky Av.
Phone number: + 7 (812) 740-27-38
Official website:



AZIA Restaurant, Grand Hotel Europe
Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Baked vegetable salad, passionfruit dressing
— Dim sum prawns & mango
— Paneer Masala
— Mousse fermented milk with green apple & udzu
— Drink of your choice: a glass of white or red wine, Cio-Cio san cocktail


Address: St. Petersburg, 1/7 Mikhailovskaya Ulitsa
Phone number: +7 (812) 329-62-00
Official website:

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Caesar with chicken fillet and anchovy dressing
— Julienne with mushrooms
— Grilled salmon with white wine sauce»
— Royal Napoleon
— Mulled wine

Address: St. Petersburg, Izmailovskiy  2 a
Phone number: +7 911 920 1454
Official website:


Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Appetizer of Baltic lamprey 120 g
— Salad with meat delicacies, pear, onion chips and tarragon 180 g
— Elk fillet with juniper berry sauce garnished with pancakes of pumpkin 300 g
— Cranberry juice 200 ml
— Vodka 'Tsarskaya Gold' 40 ml

Address: St. Petersburg, Glinki st., 2
Phone number: +7 (812) 903-23-73
Official website:


Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Tuna tartar with coconut sauce + glace of vine
— Fiery Mackerel + shot of sake
— Duck breast from robata grill with carrot pure and grilled pineapple  + glace of vine

Address: St. Petersburg, Zagorodniy avenue 13
Phone number: +7 (921) 915-00-13
Official website:


Giulietta Restaurant
Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Salad with pear, strawberries and chevron cheese
— Halibut with pickled tomatoes
— Veal fillet with baked apple and Porto sauce
— Semifreddo
— Glass of wine

Address: St. Petersburg, Inzhenernaya Street, 13
Phone number: +7 (812) 931-18-00
Official website:


Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Kamchatka crab smorrebrod
— Kamchatka crab salad
— Kamchatka Crab Cream Soup

Address: St. Petersburg, Akdemika Pavolva Академика Павлова, 7а
Phone number: +7 (911) 927-20-03
Official website:

Beer Family Restaurant Group

The Beer Family restaurant group presents in four restaurants 'Around the World' set for 1990 rubles:

—  Baked Camembert with raspberry sauce (France)
— Chicken hearts with onion cream and morels (Czech Republic)
— Black sea mussels with white wine and onion sauce (Belgium)
— Dumplings with Kamchatka crab and onion cream (Russia)
— Shank fillet with stewed red cabbage and mustard (Germany)
— Rose wine Freschello Rosato 125 ml (a glass of wine) or Gazela Vinho Verde Rose 125 ml (a glass of wine)


JAGER restopub
Nevsky prospect, 84-86
+7 (812) 418-39-49

Chateau Vintage
Nevsky prospect, 47
+7 (812) 418-24-26

Иван да Марья
Nevsky prospect, 64
+7 (812) 418-20-74

Brasserie Kriek
Nevsky prospect, 64
+7 (812) 418-24-25


Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Langoustines with grapes 
— Ravioli with greens and suluguni
— Open Karelian pie with oxtail and berries 
— Semifreddo «Fish»
— Assorted homemade bread
— Cava Marques de Lares Rosado.

Address: St. Petersburg, Rubinshteyna str 13
Phone number: +7 (812) 602-06-06
Official website: 


Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Breakfast in the Reform Club
— Oatmeal fried eggs with tuna
— Bombay-Calcutta
— Sauteed chicken with scorched pineapple, carrot mousse and chestnut puree
— Yokohama Port
— Baked salmon, ginger rice with wasabi foam and creamy stones
— Burger 'New York'
— Sweet nougat burger with Coca-Cola sauce

Address:  St. Petersburg, Potemkinskaya str., 4 
Phone number: +7 (812) 415-40-40
Official website

Restaurant 'Trattoria'

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Mimosa salad and a glass of sparkling wine;
— Turkey cutlets with orzo paste and pesto sauce and a glass of red wine;
— Napoleon cake
— Tea or coffee to choose from.

Address: Zelenogorsk, Primorskoye sh.551 / 2
Phone number: +7 (812) 602-06-06
Official website

Flying Dutchman

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Salted salmon with beetroot cream and herb sauce
— Cauliflower with truffle mousse and hazelnuts
— Venison with beets, apple chutney and cranberry sauce
— Chocolate sponge cake with pumpkin sauce

Address: St. Petersburg, Mytninskaya emb., 6
Phone number: +7 (812) 313-88-66
Official website


Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:


— Salad with fried squid, vegetables and rice noodles with soya-ginger sauce

— Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Scallop

— Pumpkin ice cream with marmalade


— Salad leaves with caramelized walnuts, red apple, homemade cottage cheese and pomegranate sauce

— Smoked brisket cheese soup

— Lamb tongues with kvass sauce and crispy eggplant


Address: Vladimirsky pr., 9
Phone number: +7 (812) 334-22-44
Official website


Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Cava Mona Barcelona – 125 ml

— Tuna sashimi, smoked tomatoes, avocado

— Roaster artichoke, smoked tomato salsa, pecorino

— Grilled flounder, melted lemon butter / Slow cooked brisket, broccoli, artichoke, white mushrooms

— Chocolate mousse, blackcurrent sorbet

— Tea / Сoffee

Address: New Holland, Embankment Admiralty channel 2
Phone number: +7 (911) 921 16 69
Official website

Department 57

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Whipped butter bread

— Beef tartare with smoked paprika

— Eel with cauliflower and cedar milk

— Milk cod with kohlrabi and champagne sauce

— Cheesecake with blackcurrant mousse and ginger

— Coffee

Note: Friday and Saturday set is not given

Address: Lomonosov Square, 3
Phone number: +7 (812) 962-57-57
Official website:

Symposium restaurant

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

Cold appetizers:

 —  Young potato hummus with chickpeas, pike caviar and pomegranate sauce

 —  Tabule salad with wheat, fresh vegetables and herbs in a lemon dressing

 Hot appetizer:

 —  Baked duck pies with pomegranate sauce and sour cream

 Main course:

—  Pot with catfish, squid and raps in tomato sauce with vegetables and oriental spices


—  Baked cream cheese in kataifi dough with nuts and honey ice cream

N/а beverage:

—  Cocktail Dessert Rose  

Alcoholic beverage of your choice:

—  Sparkling wine Comte de Chamberi Brut, Valldepenas, Spain, NV

—  White dry wine Orvieto Classico Borgo all Terra, Itali, 2017

—  Red dry wine Languedoc Saint Jean d’Aumieres L’Affranchi, France, 2017

Address:  Let. M, 19/21, Ul. Dostoyevskogo, Saint Petersburg
Phone number: +7 (812) 670-25-00
Official website:

Dom (Home)

Festival set menu for 1990 rubles:

— Olivier salad with crayfish tails and chicken

— Potato with pike caviar and sour cream

Main course of choice:
— North Sea halibut with green peas and caviar sauce
— Stewed beef with wheat and porcini mushrooms

— Hot apple pie with cinnamon ice cream

— Shot of horseradish

A glass of wine of choice:

— To halibut - Sauvignon Blanc “Semigorye” Reserve Villa Victoria
— To beef - Cabernet Franc Burnier

Address: St. Petersburg, 72 Moika river emb.
Phone number: +7 (812) 930-7272
Official website: