City walking to the Secret Mosaic Garden, St Petersburg [4K]

Petersburg is a magical city where centuries-old classics are adjacent to modern art objects. So in this video we will walk from such a familiar and always beautiful Palace Square to the gorgeous, but little-known mosaic garden created by the artist Vladimir Lubenko. Walk with us around St. Petersburg and discover the Northern capital again!


In this video you can see: 
- Spit of Vasilievsky Island
- Peter and Paul Fortress
- Palace Bridge- the Admiralty
- the Winter Palace 
- Palace Square
- Atlantes of the New Hermitage 
- River Moyka Embankment 
- Imperial Stables
- Church of the Savior on Blood
- the Mikhailovsky Garden
- the Field of Mars
- St. Michael's Castle
- the Summer Garden- River Fontanka Embankment 
- Mosaic Garden of Vladimir Lubenko