A short ulitsa Belinskogo lurkes between the Fontanka embankment and Liteyniy prospekt.

A short ulitsa Belinskogo lurks between the Fontanka embankment and Liteyniy prospekt.

Wonderful view from Liteyny prospekt to the Fontanka river and the building of the Circus became one of the most popular postcard views of the city. It is considered that on ulitsa Belinskogo there is the biggest concentration of bars in Northern capital. For only along 235 meters you will find the most iconic establishments which are the favorite places of both residents and tourists.

In 1734, on this street by order of Anna Ioannovna, the stone Church of saints Simeon and Anna was erected. Very soon near the church a new street called Simeonovskaya appeared, where only in 1833 the first house was built. 

In October 1923, the street was renamed in honor of the outstanding Russian publicist, philosopher and critic Belinsky Vissarion Grigorievich. Despite the fact that the Church of saints Simeon and Anna is very old building, it looks perfectly even this day, it is the dominant building on ulitsa Belinskogo. 

Sophistication in everything: architecture, interior decoration, inimitable confectionary.

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