S ince 1749 this place belonged to different householders. The first stone house was erected at the beginning of XIXth century for general-major Snazin. In 1849 architect A. P. Gemilian made a new building for general-major’s widow V. M. Bibikova. At 1879 the house was rebuilt by M. A. Brusilov for general-major A. M. Loshkarev.

At the beginning of XX century the house belonged to counts Golenischev-Kutuzovs family.

The façade is depicted with triple windows and ionic semi-columns. A main stair case was created by V. I. van der Guht at 1906.

From 1917 the house was occupied by Committee for front-line officer, dormitory and China embassy. The last was closed soon because of recalling of China embassador from Soviet republic.

The flats belonged to embassy was occupied by China Working Union which was founded in April, 1917 by Liu Shaozhou (Liu Zezhong). This organization comprise up to 50000 participants.

The Red Route. Chinese comrades in Red Petrograd

Complicated and controversial events of 1917 were created by a lot of people of different nationalities.Among them were also Chinese students and workers, who lived then in Petrograd

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