In the area around the Anichkov Palace, between Sadovaya Street and the Fontanka River, the garden of the Anichkov Palace is located

On the 11th of November, 1743 the Empress Elizaveta Petrovna disposed of transfer of the Strelna manor's gardener Ludwig Kinder Tapers to Petersburg "for growing a garden in her new house that is near the Anichkov Bridge".

In 18th century the garden of Anichkov Palace spread over a large area: from the palace to Sadovaya street. During the reign of Paul I, the size of this area significantly reduced. The garden took its final shape in 1818, after Alexander I had presented the Anichkov Palace to his brother, the future Emperor Nicholas I. The new owner started to rebuild his estate, and the architect Carlo Rossi was invited for this purpose. This area was cleared of rubbish and temporary buildings, decorated with Garden building and two service pavilions, and it was also fenced from Nevsky Prospect and future Ostrovskogo Square by a cast-iron grating.

Since 1923, concerts of the Leningrad Philharmonic were held in the Anichkov garden, because then it did not have its permanent place. Gradually popular music celebrities, such as Isaac Dunaevsky, Claudia Shulzhenko and many others, joined to the stars of classical music, that were acting here. Young Arkady Raikin and Leonid Utesov were given their concerts here in this place. During the day there were concerts and performances for children, and in the evening there were performances for adults. So the Anichkov Garden got a new name - "The Garden of reсreation".

  Anichkov garden was used as a concert platform until 1967, when it finally became a part of the Palace of Pioneers, located in the Anichkov Palace.
In 1992, the Palace of Pioneers changed its name and became a Palace of the Youth Creativity, and the garden became the garden of Anichkov Palace.


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