Voronikhinsky Square


The square, located opposite the western facade of the Kazan Cathedral, bears the name of Andrei Nikiforovich Voronikhin, who created both the temple and the cast-iron lattice near it

This lattice was created in 1811 and fenced the cathedral from the garden of the Orphanage. Its ornament is a peculiar combination of classical elements with Byzantine, Orthodox attributes. The ornamental belt of vines and radiance in circles blends perfectly with massive Doric columns. The middle of each link, consisting of vertical rods, is decorated with rhomboid openwork details. The length of the fence is 153 meters. The square inside the grate was created only in 1866-67, and in the second half of the century it was built up with utility buildings.

In the 1930s, the territory was cleared and a fountain was moved here from Pulkovskoe shosse. It was built according to the design of Thomas de Thomon by the "stone craftsman" Henry Grauer in 1809 on the 13th verst of the road from St. Petersburg to Tsarskoye Selo. On a gray granite basement, a half-cylinder with a Neptune mask and the inscription "1809" is mounted. From the stone bowls where the water is gathered, the travelers used to water their horses. In the 1960s, trees were planted in the park

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