St. Prince Vladimir Cathedral


Being one of the architectural masterpieces of Catherine's era, the Cathedral admires it’s beauty and grace (project by A. Rinaldi).

Prince Vladimir Cathedral on the Petrograd side takes a special place among the Orthodox shrines of St. Petersburg . It reflects many historical events from Peter the Great time to the present days.

The first church of St. Nicholas was founded here in 1703; later on an earth-wall church of the Dormition of Theotocos was constructed. Stone building of the existing five-domed Cathedral was designed by Antonio Rinaldi . He also developed a memorable crosses of the Cathedral. The building proses was finished under the guidance of architect I.E Starov.

The Cathedral was consecrated in 1789 in memory of the 800th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia and in honor of St. Prince Vladimir. Doing wise steps Prince Vladimir made Kieven Rus staying among other States of Christian world and brought education and culture to the Slavs.

The cathedral is one of the masterpieces of temple architecture Catherine's era. Five-domed building with a 57-meter bell tower is admirable by it’s beauty and grace. The Cathedral is decorated from baroque to classicism style. The shape of the building looks strict and discreet.

Interior decoration is simple and strict. There is no paintings inside the temple , except of images of the Four Evangelists. The Cathedral iconostasis is a masterpiece of wood carving art, made in the style of the Empire. The interior of the temple makes it cozy and leads a soul to a pray.

Cathedral has never been closed, and during the Great Patriotic War was the most important spiritual stronghold for people in besieged city. A strong prayer before the miraculous icons of God Mother called "Kazan" and God Mother "Quick to Hearken", Saint Nicholas’ icon became one of the hallmarks of the 900 days of blockade. And now everyone coming to the Prince Vladimir Cathedral can worship the ancient miracle-working icons.

Since 1845, the Cathedral is a Chevalier for the Order of St. Prince Vladimir, which is second most important in the Empire. The motto of the Order: "Benefit, honor and glory." The Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church in 2013 confirmed the order status of the temple. There is the orders banner established in the Cathedral, and the lists of members of the Order are carried out. In 2008 the Russian pomyannik (memorial book) was created in Cathedral for playful remembrance of our compatriots who multiplied the glory and honor of Russia (more than 16 million people).

Of particular interest to tourists and pilgrims cause exposure, which are installed next to the entrance to the temple - Christmas crib, Easter exhibition, the exhibition "Enlightenment", dedicated to St. Prince Vladimir of Rus and educators. The length of exposure of 6 m, all figures are life-size, sound celebratory chants.

In 2015, in celebration of the 1000th anniversary of St. Prince Vladimir, a large-scale restoration of the Cathedral - the first 225 years of history. Visitors and pilgrims can see the Cathedral in its pristine beauty.


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