The Nikolayevs' house


The Nikolayevs' house is one of the most interesting houses in Saint-Petersburg. It is located at Sadovaya ulitsa and occupies the whole block of houses between Bankovsky pereulok and Muchnoy pereulok. 

Only if you look at it thoughtfully, you understand that it is a unified building. It has four different parts that have four different addresses: Muchnoy pereulok 4, Sadovaya ulitsa 25, Bankovsky pereulok 5 and Moskatelny pereulok 3.

Initially the building was built in the end of 18th century in the style of classicism that dominated in the architecture of that time. See a three-cornered attic, Corinthian pilasters and cornices decorating the windows of the second floor to make sure about the style. The next modifications were made by architect Liven in 1842 when he overbuilt an arcading to place some small stores across Sadovaya ulitsa. In 1879-1880 there was an immense rebuilding after the P.Volkov’s project. The arcading was enclosed with glass and a front to Muchnoy lane was rebuilt in the popular architectural tendence of that time: eclecticism. However these changes were not the last. In 1903 an architect G.Lutsedarsky rebuilt the corner side of the building with its intersection with Bankovsky pereulok and Sadovaya ulitsa. The modern art nouveau style was the main architectural style at that time, so Lutsedarsky decorated the pedestal with fractured particles of granite and in the partition of the walls between windows women heads sculptures were set up.

Following the scenery of the «Piter FM»

The route will get you acknowledged with the places in Saint Petersburg that have become the scenery for «Piter FM» film. 

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