Leo Tolstoy Square (Ploshchad Lva Tolstogo)


Ploshchad Lva Tolstogo is located in the Petrogradsky district of St.Petersburg at the intersection of Kamennoostrovskogo prospekta, Bolshogo prospekta of Petrogradskoy storony and ulitsa Lva Tolstogo. The square has an irregular and approximately semi-circular shape.

During the rule of Peter I there was a courtyard of his companion Bishop Theophan Prokopovich near this place. For this reason ulitsa Lva Tolstogo (Leo Tolstoy street), starting from the square, was known as Arkhiyereyskaya ulitsa (Bishopric street).


"House with towers" is now at the place where in the 1890s a Dutch cacao storehouse of a Prussian citizen S.Felkel was situated. According to the project of V.Reis, Kamennoostovsky cycling ground was built between this building and the Karpovka river emb. in 1895. In winter the Northern Skating rink was situated on the territory of the cycling ground. It was the place where on the 8th of March 1898 a game of Russian hockey was played for the first time. In the same year, on the 31st of May on the same ground the first match of French boxing in Russia was held, which was recorded as the first Russian boxing competition.


In 1897 Petropavlovskaya  hospital (Peter and Paul hospital) was opened to the northeast from this place.


At the beginning of the 20th century Bolshoi prospekt was extended till the river Karpovka, and the square (the former enlargement of Arkhiyereyskaya ulitsa with its intersection with Kamennoostrovsky prospekt) was built up completely and got its modern look. Initially the square was nameless. In the 1920s it was named after got Leo Tolstoy, a little bit later than former Arkhiyereyskaya ulitsa that was renamed in 1918.

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