Gatchina Palace and Park Complex is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from St. Petersburg, in the city of Gatchina

The appearance of the palace and park ensemble dates back to the reign of Empress Catherine II. In 1765, the Empress gave her favorite Grigory Grigoryevich Orlov a luxurious gift: the Gatchina Manor. The Great Gatchina Palace was built in 1766–1781 in Gatchina town (near St.Petersburg) by Antonio Rinaldi. The picturesque relief, spring lakes, connected by channels and rivers, made it possible to create a unique landscape park, the center of which became a palace with a unique architecture. The Gatchina Palace is located on the hill above Lake Serebryanoe. It combines themes of a medieval castle and a country residence. Palace interiors are exemplary of Russian classicism at the turn of 18th—19th centuries. After the death of Count Orlov, Catherine II bought the Gatchina Manor from his heirs and granted it to her son, Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich.

During the reign of Nicholas I, the restructuring of the Gatchina Palace began, and he regained the appearance that has survived to the present. Nicholas I and his son Alexander II, together with their families and retinue, came to the Gatchina Palace infrequently, mainly to hold balls, receptions for crowned persons and noble nobles, as well as to participate in the Imperial hunts. Later, Emperor Alexander III elected Gatchina as his main suburban residence. The imperial family moved from St. Petersburg to the Gatchina Palace, which for many years remained the most beloved, dear and warm home for all members of the imperial family.

After the revolution, in May 1918, the Gatchina Palace and Park Complex was opened to visitors as an art-historical museum.

The Great Patriotic War caused great damage to the entire palace and park ensemble. The restoration of the palace began only in 1976. The first ceremonial halls of the eighteenth century were opened to visitors in 1985, including the entrance hall, the Marble Dining Room, the Throne Room of Paul I and the exhibition on the third floor of the Central Building.

Currently, work to recreate the interiors of the suburban residence of the Russian imperial family is ongoing. The halls of the Central Building, the gallery of the semicircles are open for visitors, temporary exhibitions are held in the Arsenal Square. In 2016, on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the Gatchina Palace, the museum introduced new restored spaces - the Greek Gallery and the Marble Staircase.

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