Territory of the Sestroretsk Battalion District of the Karelian Fortified Region Defense

The Sestroretsky Boundary exhibition complex is located on 37 km of the Primorsky highway, in the town of Sestroretsk in the Kurortny District of St. Petersburg. The exposition of the exhibition complex consists of the artillery semi-caponier АПК-1 and small fire points located next to it. The semi-caponier is the main exhibit of the exhibition complex. This is the territory of the Sestroretsk Battalion District of the Karelian Fortified Area (the 22nd fortified area) of the Stalin Line. АПК-1 "Elephant" is located 1200 meters from the old Soviet-Finnish border.

Indoor premises can be visited on weekends from 11 to 18.

Unscheduled tours can be arranged by phone.

The cost of the tour is 100 rubles.

Also historical reconstructions of the battles of the Second World War take place on the territory of the exhibition complex.

  • Address: Saint-Petersburg, Sestroretsk, Primorskoye shosse, 37 km
  • Phone Number: +7 (921) 558-10-29
  • Site: www.apk1slon.ru
  • Email: apk1slon@yandex.ru
  • Working time: Round table
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