Simeon and Anna Church


One of the finest examples of early baroque architecture in the city

The first wooden church was built on this site on the orders of Peter the Great in 1714, to celebrate the birth of his daughter Anna. Closed by the Bolsheviks in the 1930s, the church was initially turned into a warehouse, and then handed over to the Meteorological Museum. Returned to the Orthodox Church in the 1990s, the church has still not recovered its main relics, including the Icon of the Three-Handed Mother of God, which is still housed in the St. Nicholas Maritime Cathedral. The interior has been restored in a plain, attractive style, and  now it is a fully functioning church.

Baroque monuments in St. Petersburg

This route will not only make you familiar with the baroque monuments spread all over our city, but also will disclose why baroque architecture strayed so much from the european traditions. 

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