Winter Palace of Peter I


Winter Palace of Peter was on the site of the Hermitage Theatre, his ruins were discovered in the end ot the XX century

Classical ballet is a castle of beauty...

The rout tells us about one of the most wonderful thing, which you can see in Saint Petersburg - about the most famous Russian ballet. Many admirers from around the world arrive in our city especially to visit Mariinsky or Mikhailovsky theatre. We invite you to go around streets of the city to see places, where people glorified Russian ballet all over the world were studying, working, living and have found the place of their eternal rest.

3 h

Anglotourismo Night

Night excursion in English, accompanied by a professional guide on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, watching the show of drawbridges.

Palace revolution epoch

The route will get you acquainted with the times that lasted from the death of Peter I till the enthronement of Catherine II

3 h

St. Peterburg of Peter the Great's times

This route will help you to open little-known, but intresting facts about the city and makes you sure that many traditions from the past carry on to exist in the present life

3 h
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