The Sphinxes and the Gryphon on University Embankment (Unversitetskaya Naberezhnaya)


Sphinxes on University Embankment (Unversitetskaya Naberezhnaya) are about 3 500 years old


Route "St. Petersburg historical center by bicycle"

The 15 km route is optimal for a bicycle. Bicycle tour of the city allows you to see the main attractions. It takes less time than walking, but at the same time gives an opportunity to enjoy the views of the city

2 h

Mystical Petersburg

Petersburg is a modern city that can attract with its unique architecture and historical monuments. But it is also cloacked in the atmosphere of mistery.

3 h

Vasilievsky Island

Vasilievsky, one of the largest islands in St.Petersburg, was originally planned to be the centre of the city

  • Address: Saint Petersburg, Universitetskaya naberezhnaya
  • Working time: Round table
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