Konushennaya square


The building of Konyushenny yard (house №1) was constructed on the left side of Moyka River in 1720-1723. Konyushennaya square laid out to the south of the building

The southern part of the area was given to the Court-Stables Department since 1730. Many residential buildings, forges and barns were built on the square to 1733. The Konyushennaya square was used as a gathering place for the court visits.

The construction of the new building for Konyushenny yard (house №2) started in 1794. The building blocked the lane between Malaya Konyushennaya street and Konyushennya square. Stable office, flats of the officers, cart house and museum were situated there.

While the Kazan Cathedral was built in 1800s, Konyushennaya square became the settlement for its builders. Temporary barracks with kitchens and bakehouses were built for approximately 1000 people.

Konyushenny yard was rebuilt after the project of an architect V.P. Stasov in 1816-1823. A compositional centre of the southern façade was Holy Face Church of the Horse Stables.

In 1883, the Chapel (architect L. Benois) was moved to the Konyushennaya square from the place of the attempt of  Alexander II.

The funeral of Alexander Pushkin took place in the Holy Face Church of the Horse Stables on the first of February 1837.The church was dismantled in 1892.

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