(43-45 Bolshaya Morskaya Street), architectural monuments. Two houses situated on these plots were built in the 1740s, and in 1835-40, reconstructed by architect A.A. Montferrand for P.N. Demidov, who was a mine owner. The facade of the three-storied house No 43 is decorated with elements of the Baroque. The ground floor is rusticated, the upper ones are decorated with pilasters. Marble atlantes and caryatids support a large balcony, over which marble figures of Glory hold a cartouche with the owner's coat of arms (sculptor T. Jacque). Architect G.A. Bosse and artist A. Vigi participated in designing the interiors. The main hall was decorated with malachite (columns, fireplace), the rest, with gilt fretwork and chasing. In 1875-1911, the house belonged to Princes N.F. Liven and used to be one of the centres for Baptist promulgation. In 1911, the Italian embassy moved in, and the officers took with them the malachite interior decorations in 1918.  The house No 45 consists of two wings: the single-storey wing on the right is decorated by columns and reliefs, the three-storied wing on the left is decorated with a terrace with busts in it. In 1873-74, the interiors were partly reconstructed (architect M.E. Messmacher, I.V. Strom). The decorations of a white marble staircase, Oak hall and other rooms have been preserved. In 1923-32, poet N.A. Klyuev lived in the yard wing. Currently, the department of the Union of Composers is situated in the building.

Alongside Bolshaya Morskay St.

The street has appeared in the 18th century and its history is bound up to the city

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