Fine Arts Academy's Garden


The Garden's establishment started in 1768

 It was desidned by general gardener H. Ekleben for the needs of Academy's students.

In 1844 C. A. Ton had developed a scheme of a regular Academic Garden. In 1847 A. P. Brullov made a new plan of a garden that  still exists. New roads and pathes were paved and a fence was made.  Brullov has developed the plan of four pavilions in Greek, Persian, Egyptian and Roman styles, but only garden pavilion with Greek columns was constructed.

In 1817 a granite column had appeared on the crossroad of garden's alleys.The column was a spare part of Kazan Cathedral’s colonnade ,it was presented to the Academy afterwards . 

Architect  Voronikhin, the author of Kazan Cathedral supposed to build a sphere on the top of the column. But after column's establishment the sphere was replaced by lyre - the symbol of Fine Arts.

In 1890 new iron garden fence was established. Battle workshop was founded in the South - Western corner of the Garden. Here students painted sketches of riding horses and riders.

Fine Arts Academy's Garden is connected with the name of Peter Clodt, famous sculptor, the author of I.Krylov monument in Summer Garden, monument to Nickolay I and statues of  tamers on Anichkov Bridge. The foundry where Klodt worked was situated in the left side of the garden.

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