Mikhailovskiy Garden is a part of The Summer Garden, which was laid down in the times of Peter the Great

Mikhailovsky Garden is one of the most rare monuments of landscape architecture of XVIII — the first third of the XIX centuries, representing a unique combination of two different styles of landscape art on one territory — regular or "French" and landscape or "English" gardens.

During the time of Peter I the territory of contemporary Mikhailovsky Garden was called "Swedish garden". It was gifted by the emperor to his spouse Catherine. On the place where now is located a pavilion constructed upon K. Rossi's  project (on the Moika River Emb.) there was the palace of the empress called as a “Golden mansion". In the middle of the XVIII century, in the reign of  impress Elizabeth, the garden was reorganized upon the project of  F.-B.Rastrelli. Two big ponds which remain up to now in southeast part of a garden had a geometrical form, and behind them started the big garden labyrinth stretching up to the Nevsky Avenue.

In the XIX century the garden changes its "regular" face on the "landscape" shape and becomes part of the ensemble of the Mikhailovsky Palace – a marvellous example of architectural unity of the building and a natural landscape created upon a plan of the great architect Carlo Rossi.

Mikhailovsky Garden was in the private possession and became available to citizens’ visit from the moment of the Russian Museum’s foundation in 1895. In 1999, having almost completely lost the historical appearance, I became part of the Russian Museum. The XXI century - a reference point of the contemporary history of Mikhailovsky Garden. Having passed large-scale reconstruction, it began the life not only as a unique monument of landscape architecture, but also as modern museum space, a peculiar green hall open-air.


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