Yusupov palace


The family residence of the princes, the Museum of Noble Life, the Regional Teacher's House, the Saint Petersburg Palace of Culture for Educators, a world-famous historical and cultural palace complex

The Yusupov Palace, one of the most magnificent ceremonial buildings of the "Northern Capital", is the site of administrative and diplomatic meetings, international conferences and symposia. The palace's book of honorary guests contains the names of Russian government officials, heads of foreign states, and international stars.

The palace has been visited more than once by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The governors of the city have held talks here on issues related to the development of Saint Petersburg and strengthening its international ties.
The Yusupov Palace was visited by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II with her husband the Duke of Edinburgh and Charles, Prince of Wales, King Constantine II of Greece and his wife Queen Anne-Marie, the King of Malaysia Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin, Queen Sophia of Norway, Queen Sirikit of Thailand, and Queen Silvia of Sweden.

The palace has also hosted prominent Russian and foreign scientists, representatives of culture and art, members of the banking community, educators and journalists as participants of important international conferences. Among them – the president of the Club of Rome and Prince of Jordan El Hassan bin Talal, the director of the Institute of World History at the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Alexander Oganovich Chubarian, Nobel laureate Zhores Ivanovich Alferov, Honrary Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS) Sergei Kapitsa, Chairman of the supervisory board of Italian bank "Intesa Sanpaolo" Professor Giovanni Bazoli, President of the General Conference of UNESCO Moussa bin Jaafar bin Hassan, writer Chingiz Aitmatov, artistic director of the Taganka Theater Yury Lyubimov, film director Andrei Konchalovsky, poet Bella Ahmadulina, artist Boris Messerer, editor in chief of the newspaper "Moscow News" Vitaly Tretyakov.

Palace guests over the years have included international celebrities, including the singers Sting and Cliff Richard, the rock band "The Rolling Stones" and its lead singer Mick Jagger, movie star Liza Minnelli, and supermodel Naomi Campbell.
Its reputation as one of the most interesting and popular tourist destinations in Saint Petersburg attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year from all corners of Russia and the world.

"Beautiful Petersburg" boat route

Multi-coloured palaces and houses, majestic gardens and water space – all of these is the Beautiful St. Petersburg

Mystical Petersburg

Petersburg is a modern city that can attract with its unique architecture and historical monuments. But it is also cloacked in the atmosphere of mistery.

3 h

Following the scenery of the «War and Peace»

The route will get you acknowledged with the places in Saint Petersburg that have become the scenery for War&Peace TV show by BBC

4 h

The return to Antique Saint Petersburg

  • the longest canal route
  • along the Griboedov canal
  • Neva, Fontanka, Моyka river, Kryukov’s canal, Winter canal
  • lowest bridges
  • unique route

«Balls, champagne wine, valets, cadets…» (the Russian Empire ball life)

Saint Petersburg was a capital of the Russian Empire. It was the place where all public life was concentrated – policy, culture, entertainments. In this vortex of high society conventionalities balls were their important part – from splendid balls at gorgeous palaces of emperors and nobles to cosy chamber balls at private commoner’s houses.

Actual route invites you to seat in a virtual carriage and visit the most exquisite balls which were saved by a historical memory of XVIII and XIX centuries.

Vintage child’s play asks the question: «Mistress sent a dressing-table. In a dressing-table there is 100 Rubles. Buy what you want, but don’t tell «no», don’t take black and white. In which dress will you go to a ball?» You can go on this child’s play: where could you go to a ball in Saint Petersburg?

Aristocratic dynasties of Petersburg

The route describes the history of a famous Aristocratic dynasties and demonstrate the palaces in which they lived

3 h
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