Borovoy Bridge crosses over the Obvodny Canal in the Borovaya Street Arch. It connects Central and Frunzensky districts of Saint Petersburg, the boundary of which runs at that point along the Obvodny Kanal

The first wooden bridge on this place was opened in 1882. The first few years the bridge was called Andreyevsky, and from the beginning of the 1890s - Borovoy.

In 1889 the condition of the bridge was considered unsatisfactory. In the same year a five-span wooden bridge was built. Borovoy Bridge became a rare example of the intersection of span structures of different systems: the central span had the rigging system, and the other four spans had triangular system.

The current one-way reinforced concrete bridge was built in 1961 on the project of engineer A.A. Kulikov and architect L.A. Noskov.

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