Pevchesky Bridge


The fourth widest bridge in St. Petersburg

The Pevchesky Bridge, also known as the Choristers' Bridge or Yellow Bridge (Жёлтый Мост, Zholtyi Most), is a single-span bridge across the Moika River in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The bridge is a part of the Palace Square. The length of the bridge is 21 metres, and the width is 72 metres. It is the third-widest bridge in Saint Petersburg, after the Blue Bridge and Kazansky Bridge. Before the February Revolution, the term "Choristers’ Bridge" was shorthand for the tsarist foreign ministry, just as the French foreign ministry is known as the Quai d'Orsay.

Alongside the Moika river

This route will take you alongside one the most popular Petersburg canals – the Moika river, where almost every building on its bank can tell you its story

1 h
  • Address: St. Petersburg, Moilka river
  • Working time: Round table
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